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CAMEROON: Vocational students highlight skills

Don Bosco Vocational Center holds open house to showcase students’ educational progress

(MissionNewswire) Don Bosco Vocational Center, located in Mimboman, Cameroon, held an open house to showcase not only the diversity and quality of the training courses but also the skills acquired by students and apprentices. Students taking courses were able to highlight all that they have learned in 13 disciplines including carpentry, computer science, tailoring, and metallurgy. The open house also provided an opportunity for students to sell products and establish partnerships with other institutions.

The school provides education for vulnerable youth in the Mimboman neighborhood of Yaoundé. A three-story building includes 12 classrooms, laboratories and offices. A newer school building added in 2021 allows more students to attend and provides space for additional educational programs including a bachelor’s level course.

Last year, the school was able to buy 55 new computers, which enabled more students to enroll in the computer science class. “This is the first time that our students are learning computer science using a computer,” said Father Sabé José Maria, economer at the college, said at the time. “Our students have been studying computer science throughout the year without using a desktop or similar device. Now, we are thrilled that they can do so, and students are very excited about it.”

Fr. Maria added, “Very few schools in Yaoundé have computer resources at their disposal. We dream of providing two computer rooms with 55 computers in each room. This would give our school the golden opportunity to offer computer science education of quality, in order for our students to be properly trained, as they deserve.”

More than 30 percent of Cameroon’s population lives below the poverty line and human development indicators remain low, according to the World Food Programme. Poverty is the highest in the Far North, North, Adamaoua and East regions. In northern regions, people are often affected by natural disasters and below-average harvests which contribute to a continuing cycle of poverty and hunger.

Salesian missionaries in Cameroon provide education and social development services to poor youth so they are able to gain the training needed to find and retain long-term employment. They in turn are able to give back to their families and communities.



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