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BRAZIL: Salesians Hold Youth Day in Brazil in Preparation for World Youth Day 2013

(MissionNewswire) Salesian Youth Day was held in early September in Brazil in preparation for World Youth Day, an international gathering of the youth of the Catholic Church for a week-long celebration of faith. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will host World Youth Day in July of 2013, and young people are preparing now for this global event.

Salesian Youth Day was organized by the Youth Ministry Sector and the Salesian Youth Movement of the Province of Campo Grande. It was held at the Universidade Católica Dom Bosco.

The event, which brings together youth leaders from as young as ten years old to those in their late twenties, focused on conferences and workshops dealing with the identity and the mission of the Salesian Youth Movement. It also served as a review of the main events to be held at World Youth Day which will include the feast celebration, the continental meeting and the World Forum.

The first day of the event ended with a talk on youth missionary activities by Monsieur Eduardo Pinheiro da Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Campo Grande and President of the Youth Ministry Commission of the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil.

“The great challenge for us Salesians and for the whole church is the accompaniment of the young”, said Monsieur Pinheiro da Silva during his talk. “We have large meetings which are marvelous. People get worked up and enthusiastic but when we return to our centers young people need to be encouraged further to give continuity to the mission.”

The four-day event had workshops that focused on the challenges and opportunities for youth leadership, the situation of indigenous youth in society and youth criminal activity in Mato Grosso. There was also a roundtable discussion on Salesian youth missionary voluntary service.

The workshops and the round table discussions were broadcast live on the internet and youth utilized social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to discuss the talks and post photos and other material shared at the event.

With the approaching World Youth Day the Salesian Youth Movement in Brazil has made its website live. The site gives a history of the youth movement and provides information about various Salesian events which will take place in the context of World Youth Day, such as the Salesian Youth Movement celebration, the continental meeting and the Pre-World Youth Day. The texts are available in five languages including Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and French.


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